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For Parents/Students
    We are committed to get parents highly qualified teachers but we do not guarantee that teacher would improve the results of the student. We believe in mutual efforts and we advise that both parties should participate in an equal way to improve the outcomes. In no case, MyTutor’s Place shall be responsible for the poor academic results of the students. We only guarantee to do our best on our part to help the students find qualified teachers.
  1. Contract
    If you find the teacher not suitable for you, then you can request us for a change of tutor after the first lesson. However, once the tutor agrees to take the assignments, the tutor is bound to complete at least 4 lessons without changing the rates or schedule.
  2. Payments
    The fee of first month is completely bases upon the 4 active weeks of lessons not at the calendar month.  Parents are to make payment after completion of 2nd lesson, 50% of the first 4 lessons to our agency, being commission fee. Upon completion of the first 4 lessons, parents are to pay the balance 50% tuition fees directly to the tutor at end of 4th lessons.
    No trial lessons are offered by MyTutor’s Place. If you find the tutor unsuitable for you or do not meet your requirements after the first lesson, you can ask for a change of the tutor.
  3. Cancellation and Postponement
    Parents are allowed to make changes in the schedule after the first lesson is over. However, it is not recommended by us to do so as the tutor has already reserved that slot of time for you. If you want to make changes in the schedule, please consult it with your tutor that whether he is in the position to change the schedule or not.
  4. Responsibility
    Any claims regarding any injury, damage or loss while attending the home tuition will not be counted in our responsibilities. This exception is also applicable to all cost and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.